Starting Early


Written on 1/01/2008 by Alan

I've been inspired by many of you out there that are posting photos daily. I look forward to reading these blogs on a daily basis. I'm a beginning photographer and received a Nikon D80 for Christmas, so I am starting a blog of my own. This will be my venue to "contribute to the world" in the form a near-daily photo. Feel free to comment/critique my photos as I'd love to get some feedback and improve my technique.

I'm starting with a photo I took Christmas morning. In retrospect, I should have placed this on something other than a white robe, but it was Christmas morning and I was excited to try my 1.8 50mm lens. I like the effect of of the Christmas tree in the background.

-- Nikon D80, 50mm f/1.8 lens, 1/6 at f1.8, 50mm

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  1. Ann Torrence |

    The 1.8 50 mm lens is a secret weapon in the Nikon line-up. The optics are amazing for its compact size. Great use of shallow depth of field to get the beautiful bokeh of the lights on the tree.

  2. Alan |

    Thanks Ann!

    The 50mm IS an amazing lens. Many people on flickr raved about it, so I asked for it for Christmas. :)


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