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Written on 2/20/2008 by Alan

I posted a short blurb about this photo on my flickr page. This photo was taken for the 2005 Jeep 4x4 Geocaching Challenge. To enter the contest, I first had to find a white Jeep TravelBug. A TravelBug is a geocaching term for an object that is trackable as it moves around the world. So, I found the white Jeep that you see in the picture while on a romantic getaway with my wife in Jackson, Wyoming. (yes, my wife humors me and will go geocaching with me about anywhere we go).

Once I had the "bug" it was only a matter of composing a photo. The theme of the month was "tow package" and I had to take a picture of the Jeep towing something. I thought of the idea of pulling a Hummer since Hummers were all the rave at the time. I took a few minutes in my front yard plucking branches off of trees and planting them into the dirt so they would appear as mini trees. Then I added some water to the already wet soil to make a little mud hole. After running the Jeep through the mudhole a few times, it was nicely splashed with mud. I did the same for the Hummer, and then left it in the middle of the mudhole.

Then I pulled out my trusty rusty point and shoot and fired a few shots. For this contest, photos had to be completely unaltered, straight out of the camera, so I did no touchup.

In the end, I think it was my photo tagline that won the contest for me: "Jeeps help everyone." I'm not complaining, I picked up a new GPS unit and eventually a 4x4 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. The prize was supposed to be a 4x2 Jeep Commander Limited. I think the Commander is sweet, but a 4x2 just doesn't cut it in Utah. I ended up selling it anyway to pay for my MBA degree, but it was very worth the few minutes it took to make this exposure.

To whom it may concern, this photo is legally the property of Daimler/Chrysler or whatever they are called now.

--Pentax Optio 555, 1/100 at f/3.2, 10.9mm

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  1. Jessica Stier |

    Awesome photo!!! I totally cracked up. Nice job.



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